Kemi/Tornio – April 22

Today we travelled to Kemi and Tornio, near the Swedish border. On the way we stopped at a cool rest area called Marihelmi on the Gulf of Bothnia.


In Kemi we met our host families at the Hotel Merihovi for a light lunch, where some of us learned a valuable lesson: the brown sauce next the the potatoes in a buffet is “gravy,” not soup 😉

We spent the afternoon settling into our new homes for the week. The girls are staying in Kemi while Chuck and Steve are staying in Tornio. The two towns are about 20 minutes apart.

In the evening we gave our first presentation to four (!) clubs at the Tornio City Hotel. Here we are with Tornio Club President Seppo Valtanen.



6 thoughts on “Kemi/Tornio – April 22

  1. Hey team 5580! We hope you have a wonderful time there in (less snowy) Finland! All the best for all of you and it was great seeing you Kat!

    With Kindest regards and greetings from (still snowing) Duluth,

    Antti, Sari, Saara-Kaisa, Piritta and Juha, Team 1400

  2. It is wonderful to hear about your first days in Finland! Figuring out the ‘brown sauce’ early in your GSE adventure is a definite bonus:) Be sure to ask Gary Johnson about the benefits of ‘green sauce’ in Sweden! It sounds like your first presentation was excellent. Enjoy Kemi and Tornio!

  3. TEAM!!! Is that snow on the ground?? You can’t escape it!!! Congrats on your first presentation!!!
    Need more posts and pictures!!! Good luck!!! You all look great!

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