April 23 – Ice Fishing and Saunas in Tornio

Great day in Tornio today, despite the ugly weather. We had an excellent meeting with representatives from the Tornio / Haaparanta organization, a very interesting cooperative initiative between the two border cities: Tornio in Finland and Happaranta in Sweden. We had a lot of questions for them and had some great discussions about urban planning between two cities (in two countries!)


After lunch we went out to the Kukkola Rapids in Tornio, and spent the day at a tourist lodge called Pohjan Pirtti. Here we went ice fishing (unsuccessfully) and enjoyed some excellent, relaxing sauna time. Missy and Tara were brave enough to take a dip in the partly frozen river afterwards!

Kat and Steve ice fishing

Kat and Steve ice fishing


Kukkola Rapids

Kukkola Rapids

Our hosts were wonderful, and we had some great chats about fishing and tourism while we all tried reindeer for the first time. Interesting…and delicious! Sorry, Rudolph.


Reindeer wrap and whitefish soup


In the evening we went to the Tornio music hall to watch a performance by Wärttinä, a well-known traditional music group from the Karelia region of Finland. We didn’t understand a word, but enjoyed the music all the same.



One thought on “April 23 – Ice Fishing and Saunas in Tornio

  1. Kathryn’s mother can’t believe the picture of her ice-fishing and then eating reindeer wraps!! Who is this person?

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