April 24 – Rocks & Trees

This morning we had an excellent tour of the Outokumpu chromium mine at Elijärvi in Kemi. A big thank you to General Manager Antti Pihko for taking us deep underground and letting us experience the mining operations firsthand. Originally an open pit mine, Outokumpu moved to an underground mine in 2006. It sits on one of Finland’s biggest ore deposits with 33 million tonnes of ore reserves and an additional 105 million tonnes of additional mineral resources. The mine employs about 180 people, with 150 more working on contract.

P1010660 P1010663 P1010670

In the afternoon, we had lunch at the Metsa Fibre mill and a visit to the mill museum. Metsa produces coated and uncoated white top kraftliner for high-quality corrugated retail and consumer packaging. We also visited a gem museum (unique in Finland) where we saw some beautiful samples of precious and semi-precious stones.

And now…we rest! We’ll be spending some free time with our host families this evening. Hyvää yötä!


4 thoughts on “April 24 – Rocks & Trees

  1. Such interesting, concise, exciting reports…thank you for taking the time to share! Best wishes on your amazing ADVENTURE! (Still snowing in MN!!!) Joanne Torfin, Park Rapids

  2. Sounds like a GREAT day!!! I love the fishing part!! (And T…cute in the orange boots!!!:) Headed for our Dist Conf in BJI on Friday to meet the IB GSE Team! They are in GR next week!

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