April 29th – Sodankyla, Tankavaara and Saariselka “CHUCK’S 1st BLOG”

Hello followers of GSE Finland 2013 blog,

Today was like any other in Finland, as far as we know…  We started the day with a great breakfast like usual at the Geophysical Observatory.  Breakfast was a choice of cereal, hardboiled egg, bread meat and of course CHEESE!!!  I love the CHEESE here!  The juice was especially good today.  It was a pineapple mango blend.  After Breakfast, it was about 100 kilometers to Tankavaara to visit the gold museum.


We had a great time with Hanna (she was the lady that gave us the wonderful tour).  We learned about how, where, when the gold rush happened.

IMG_7204 IMG_7205 IMG_7206 IMG_7207 IMG_7208 IMG_7209 IMG_7210 IMG_7211 IMG_7214

It was a great time seeing all the gold that Finnish Lapland has.  We were very impressed with all the information that Hanna and the gold museum had for us to see.  She also gave us a wonderful demo of how someone would pan for gold.  It is a lot of work that you need A LOT OF PATIENCE for along with a lot of hard work.

After the museum, we went to the presentation of activities in Saariselka area at the Ivalo Rotary Club (it felt like the coldest day thus far).  Presenting to us were Janne Seurujarvi and Markku Oravainen.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME, YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB!!!  We learned about tourism and economic development.


What a cool club banner…

We then went to a location where we saw clothing from the Sami people of Finnish Lapland.  Everything on the clothing has a meaning…

IMG_7303 IMG_7304 IMG_7305 IMG_7306 IMG_7308

We then went to a SECRET Santa location…  Along the way we also saw class igloos…

IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1216 IMG_7333 IMG_1217 IMG_1221 IMG_7337 IMG_7338

We did have a minor issue with transportation…


NO reindeer or vehicles were hurt in the process of getting this picture.

Here are a few other random pics for you to look upon in amazement…

IMG_7311 IMG_7314 IMG_7319 IMG_7320 IMG_1213 IMG_1225

We would really like to thank Tauno and Brita Turunen, they had a rough day, but it was very successful.  Team GSE Finland 2013 learned a lot.

Tomorrow will be another day of the “Magic of GSE”!!!

On a personal level, I think that for this being my first EVER blog entry it is AWESOME!!!  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed giving it to you.  I will be doing more in the future, but this one took me some years to do so do not hold your breath…


3 thoughts on “April 29th – Sodankyla, Tankavaara and Saariselka “CHUCK’S 1st BLOG”

  1. Sounds like another really cool day….uuummmm no pun intended. I believe you may have a blogger’s gift of gab! You all are getting to see and know so many things and way of life…kinda neat how some history is always a common thread with are own ( gold rush). Thanks for keeping us back home in the loop! Deb P

  2. Nice blog entry Chuck! Enjoying all the details and pictures! You all appear to be having an amazing time. So excited for you.

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