I can be the first to say that Rotary International and the GSE program can make amazing things happen on so many levels! Today I had the amazing opportunity to travel to a small village just outside of Kuusamo and not only meet my Finnish relatives but also take a step back in time and see the place my ancestors came from. It was a wonderfully emotional day and I was able to meet three of my late grandfather’s cousins. We visited at the old homestead, had some authentic Finnish foods, took some photos and traced back our family trees together. They didn’t speak English but Our host for today, Mikko, was a wonderful translator for us. He is married to my distant cousin Tiina! I have some photos I can post later (once my camera battery recharges) but I had to mention this amazing day and my sincere “Kiitos” to GSE for making such an amazing thing happen! Thank you so much for another unexpected amazing adventure!

-Tara Hokuf


3 thoughts on “Family

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re having such an amazing time Tara! It’s a trip for you that will never be forgotten, and I’m sure the learning experience has been fantastic!

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