Thank You Kemijarvi!

Team Finland was warmly greeted in the city of Kemijarvi by local Rotarians who again made us feel just like we were at home. Sunday was a much needed day of rest for the team. We were able to sleep late and have PIZZA for lunch! A special thanks to Lasse Ketonen for the absolutely amazing accommodations and delicious meals at Uitonpirtti!

Team Finland’s accommodations in Kemijarvi

Monday we were able to take visit The International Art Center Puustelli thanks to Rotarian and world-famous sculptor Urpo Karri. Many sculptures from artists around the world where on display. Our team is looking forward to following this summer’s exhibition online in late June!


Team Finland in Kemijarvi

We spent the afternoon touring Porkka, a refrigeration service and cold storage manufacturing plant. The company employs 1300 people across Finland and is an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of refrigeration units. Their clients include commercial kitchens, hotels, hospitals, and restraurants throughout Europe. Porkka provided jobs to 41 people in Kemijarvi who produce 115 units per week.







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