Liminka Bay Birdwatching

image image image

The team had an outdoor bird watching adventure this morning.  We arrived at Liminka Bay Visitor Center shortly after 10 am.  We took a short walk through the wetlands, down a duckboard trail, to one of the five bird watching towers located here.  From the tower, and with the help of our binoculars, we were able to see hundreds of birds in the wetlands.  Everything from ducks and geese to sea eagles, swans and sandpipers could be seen from this tower.  In 2011, 286 different bird species were observed in the more than 12,000 hectares which compromises this wetlands area.  After bird watching for a bit, the team headed back to the visitor center for a warm cup of coffee and some sweets.

The visitor center also has an exhibition on birds maintained by Metsähallitus, Finland’s first Ramsar Wetland Center, guided tours, a nature shop, and some amazing photographs of local birds.  After playing some interactive games, reading about different species and their migration patterns, and taking in all the information we could, we hit the road.

This was a great stop and despite the rainy weather, we saw many birds and had a fabulous time!  Kiitos Liminka Bay Visitor Center!



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