Hi-Tech Day – “NO PICTURES – KIITOS!!! (thank you)” Chuck’s 2nd Blog

Greeting and Salutations Blog Followers!


It is a Good Day in Oulu Finland, or should I say hyvaa paivaa!  It got to 14 Celsius today.  The team was on an adventure that most people would jump at the chance to try. We went to the Technology Park.  The reason for the title of the blog entry is that we were seeing things that were labeled “Top Secret”.

Seriously though, we had the pleasure of going to meet with Jorma Lammasniemi with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.  Thank you Jorma for your time and energy.  Your company is leading the way of technology and you should be very proud.  At this location, they are doing research on the cutting edge of technology.  I would love to tell you ALL about it, but we were sworn to secrecy.  Here is what I can tell you, they are pushing the envelope of “paper”…  They are also leading the way in research of many other avenues.  We were very honored to be able to listen to the presentation and tour.  KIITOS!!!

We ate some wonderful food – PIZZA!!!  Along with some other things, but the pizza was GREAT!


After lunch, we saw other presentations and had some very good discussions.  At this point, the team would like to thank the following people:

Jouko Uusitalo with Technopolis PLC, Jarmo Lauronen with Business Oulu and Kari Kivisto with Yritys Takomo.


Jouko with Technopolis PLC, had a very precise presentation for us about what Technopolis is all about.  What I can tell you is that they are impacting Oulu in a very positive way.  They provide business people with the things needed to achieve success.  The business idea that they have set forth is to give businesses the premises and services needed to support the company for long-term success.  Thank you Jouko!  KIITOS!!!


Jarmo with Businesss Oulu, explained to us first and for most, that Oulu is the Capital of Northern Scandinavia!  Their responsibility (in part) is to the city of Oulu’s business policy and development services.  The vision of 2017 that they have is not new, but the way in which they are trying to achieve that vision is special to say the least.  They are looking to create new jobs, develop new exports and generate new industry in the city of Oulu.  Again, thank you Jarmo!  KIITOS!!!


Kari with Yritys Takomo was our last stop on the day and it was one that nobody wanted to leave.  I can tell you that the environment in this place is a total facilitator of thinking, teamwork and energy like no other.  They give people a place to be themselves and to work with others to generate ideas for businesses.  I would love to go into detail, bit to be honest, I was blown away by Kari’s energy and positive influence.  They are responsible for giving business owners a place to talk, discuss and learn with peers to help them to be ALL that they can be.  To date, they helped 75 new business owners by giving them a place to do these things.  One last time, thank you Kari!  KIITOS!!!


Here is what I learned today: Allow yourself to fail, but take risks doing it!  If you are going to fail, fail quickly before you but to much into it!  Cooperation is the key to a successful business idea and business.


The Cooperation of the City of Oulu, Business Oulu, VTT and Technopolis have helped to make Oulu a better place…


The rest of the blog entry is about the rest of my day…  Now, I can show you some pictures!!!


I got a GREAT HAIRCUT today…  YES, I GOT A HAIRCUT IN OULU, FINLAND!!!Thank you very much you did a wonderful job…  Better then some in the states…  KIITOS!!!


I had a few very good beers at a few of the local pubs in Oulu, Finland.  The first was London Pride and the second was Karhu, a Finnish brew.  Both were very good.

IMG_20130514_174805_086 IMG_20130514_181051_694

Aarne, Steve and I then ate at Pannukakku Place.  It is an Oulu Special Pancake.  I do not know how to explain this food other then to say that it is a one of a kind pancake with a pizza flare…



Here is the owner, Raili Kukkohovi.  KIITOS, the food was wonderful!!!

IMG_20130514_191050_621 IMG_20130514_191245_406


The team and I had a wonderful day.  Now, it is off to watch Finland beat Latvia in the 2013 Ice Hockey World Championships.  GO SUOMI!!!


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